A Year in Review (2018-2019)

1 Apr 2019

Today Hack The Box turns 2 years old, we want to thank all of you again for your support throughout this journey!

Just a year ago we released some exciting features including Universities and today we stand with almost 100 registered Universities. We aim for a much greater 2019-2020 with more free and premium content. Recently we closed a funding round that will allow us to expand our team, delivering more content and features including expansion of the free servers to US and the long awaited Swag shop :)

[+] Swag Store

While we have previously given out swag at conferences, and when meeting with members of the community, there has long been a demand by the users of the platform to be able to buy HTB swag. We've spent time over the past few months investigating several options in order to find a producer and supplier which would deliver the highest quality products, and we're now excited to say that we have settled on a supplier and distributor.

Expect to see the HTB Official Swag Store become available mid way through April!

[+] US-Free Server

Hack The Box has been growing in a big way. We've gained tens of thousands of users since last year, recently breaking the 120k mark. Our Free lab offering is definitely feeling the additional pressure, and as such we have prioritised the development of the US-Free server offering which we have been discussing for some time. Once this is released, it will allow pressure to be relieved from the EU Free server, and for our US Free users to enjoy a better experience and lower response times from the free labs. We expect this to be released within the next month.

[+] New VIP Labs with On-Demand spawning

As outlined in our Press Release earlier this year, we have been working on changing what our VIP offering looks like. Our goal is to provide a much more flexible and valuable user experience, allowing users to tailor their VIP lab to their needs. This is still an ongoing development, however we are excited to say that we expect this to be released within the next couple of months.

[+] Challenge Release/Retire Lifecycle

While Machine retirement has been part of HTB for quite some time now, we have continually had concerns regarding how to phase in the challenges submitted by the community. In the past year, we have built up a backlog of challenges submitted by the community, and have also been working on a system which will allow us to release these new challenges, while retiring older challenges. This will allow us to progress the offering we have regarding challenges, and encourage the gamification and competitive element of Hack The Box. We expect this to be released before the end of April.

Some Stats
  • Written 160,000 Lines of Code
  • 86,000 New Members signed up
  • Released 47 Machines and 14 Challenges
  • 96 Universities Enrolled
  • Hosted more than 10 CTFs