Hack The Box VIP+

7 Oct 2020

New Hack The Box Subscription VIP+

Today we are announcing a new Hack The Box subscription! Our amazing community has grown and so have its needs.

Since the Pwnbox release back in May 2020, we have received a lot of requests to increase Pwnbox time/access, so we thought why not to do more? The VIP subscription gives 24 hours of Pwnbox per month, what if it was unlimited?

Over the years, we’ve also seen many community comments on how cool it would be if anyone was able to play on their own, private instance. So why not offer our players the opportunity to play HTB Machines on their exclusive environment and on-demand? No interruptions, no other players having access at the same time, no more waiting for Machine resets. It’s just you vs the Machine!

And we made both happen 😊

We proudly present VIP+! Are you ready to take your subscription and hacking game to the next level? VIP+ offers:

Unlimited Pwnbox Access

No need to think about hacking tools, VM performance, or carrying your hacking PC everywhere. With Pwnbox you can hack from any place, any time, 24/7 with no hour restrictions. Your own, browser-accessible hacking distro, customized by HTB, without any time constraint!

*If you want, you can learn more about Pwnbox here.

Personal Instances

Your exclusive private environment for any Machine you want to hack. It’s like playing on your own server! No other players hacking at the same time, no more resets, no more shell interruptions. You can reset Machines instantly and not rely on reset votes.

The only thing stopping you from capturing the flags is you. Got what it takes?

Hack The Box Subscriptions

Hope you find this new subscription the best way to skyrocket your hacking game. Either you are a beginner that wants some help with your hacking distro/VM or a cyber expert that wants to go after HTB Machines with zero interruptions and full control on the Lab, check out VIP+!

💡 Tip: Already a VIP member? You can just upgrade your subscription by paying the difference for the days left in your subscription. For example, an additional 5 GBP for a monthly subscription if you upgrade the first day of the month and so on.

Peace, Pwn, and Hack The Box!

HTB Team