New Pro Lab “APTLabs” & December Special Coupon Code

1 Dec 2020

Dear Community, 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of APTLabs, the 5th scenario that joins the Pro Lab family! This lab is the ultimate Red Team challenge and will truly put your skills to the test. Are you an experienced Red Teamer, ready for a tough, challenging and exciting hacking operation? The sky is no limit! 

What is APTLabs about?

APTLabs simulates a targeted attack by an external threat agent against an MSP (Managed Service Provider). The lab requires prerequisite knowledge of attacking Active Directory networks. APTLabs consists of fully patched servers, prevalent enterprise technologies, a simulated WAN network, and much more!

Your goal is to compromise all client networks and reach Domain Admin wherever possible. On completion of this lab, you will be familiar with long-lasting TTPs, how to attack enterprise technology, and be a true Google-ninja.

What you need to know?

- A deep understanding of the Windows Operating System and Active Directory
- A strong knowledge of network attacks
- Familiarity with modern tools and techniques used to perform penetration testing in enterprise environments

What you will learn?

On completion of the APTLabs, players will have learned a range of Red Team TTPs (Tools, Techniques, Procedures), and gained experience in the following areas:

This Red Team Operator Level III lab will expose players to:
- Active Directory Enumeration and Exploitation
- Ability to compromise networks without using any CVEs
- Bypassing Common Security Features such as 2FA
- Exploiting Interactive Users
- Kerberos Attacks
- Lateral Movement
- Privilege Escalation
- Situational Awareness

Up for the ultimate Red Teaming challenge? Go APT or go home!

How to start APTLabs

APTLabs will be provided to all HTB members on a subscription-based model (similar to all the other existing Pro Labs) available on a monthly and annual subscription, with an initial setup fee. Frequent content updates ensure the Pro Lab stays engaging and up-to-date, while at the end of the Pro Lab - upon successful completion - a Certificate of Completion awaits. For more info look for the APTLabs section inside the HTB platform.

December Special - 50% OFF

With APTLabs announcement we take the opportunity to launch our ProLab December Special, a discounted period (31 days) with 50% OFF on the setup fee of all Pro Labs. Use the coupon code weloveprolabs at the checkout from today until 31/12/2020Now is the time to take your skills to the next level! Be a PRO this December.

APTLabs for Business

Business customers are able to use the APTLabs in a dedicated environment as part of our Professional Labs offering. If you want to utilize APTLabs as part of your cyber security training at work, feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Happy hacking! Happy learning!

Hack The Box Team