Dedicated Pro Labs: New Exclusive Features

31 Jan 2020

Dear Dedicated Pro Lab Users of our Enterprise Platform,

If you are an Enterprise user with an Organisation on the Enterprise Platform, we have some exciting news for you! Time to level up your hacking game at work. Following our communication back in October 2019, we are happy to officially announce the addition of new and exciting Dedicated Pro Lab features, including exclusive add-ons solely available to you! What's new?

- Quarterly updates and enhancements covering the entire environment to keep things fresh.
- Allocation of ISC2 CPEs for Pro Lab training; up to 48 CPEs for full lab completion.
- Full write-ups and detailed guidance for every challenge. (Dedicated Pro Lab Exclusive)
- Advanced user analytics to track, evaluate and report your team's progress and engagement. (Dedicated Pro Lab Exclusive)
- Ability to create guest user accounts, allowing non-HTB members to participate in the lab. (Dedicated Pro Lab Exclusive)
- Company Certificate of Completion for every Pro Lab can be issued upon request. (Dedicated Pro Lab Exclusive)

For write-up access and Company Certificate of Completion, please contact [email protected] and a member from our team will get back to you.

If all the above sounds interesting for your team, contact [email protected].

Thank you and happy hacking!

Hack The Box Team