New Logo, New Era

2 Jul 2020

Dear Community,

We are very excited to announce that we are getting prettier, at least we hope so. The Hack The Box brand will now be represented through a new, fresh and modern logo.

New logo, new era.

After three years of continuous support from the community and our enterprise customers, we have decided to modernize and refresh our brand identity. The redesign reinvigorates the brand and optimises its performance across platforms, online and offline, bringing visual continuity across landscapes and business channels.

Hack The Box aims to make hacking a new gaming paradigm, through an intuitive and captivating user experience. A user-centric approach guides all our new product and brand endeavours.

The challenge of the design team was to finetune the brand while keeping the iconic Hack The Box Cube and also modernizing the typography. The refresh brings simplicity and clarity to the symbol while the typography has been condensed into a single word in all caps, giving the brand name a more robust spot in its applications. These changes make the brand more viable, even for small-space digital placements.

Towards A New UI & UX Era

We are not stopping with the logo. Our brand “makeover” strategy is accompanied by a platform redesign (more details to be announced on this front very soon), developed by the team to bring coherence, clarity and flexibility to Hack The Box and its full suite of products and services. This is centred around a succinct brand vision that acts as a statement of purpose for the company: Creating a safer cyber world by making cyber security training fun and accessible to everyone.

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Hope you like this new makeover and are as excited about it as we are. The full transition to the new logo might take some time so please be a little patient with us. For the Official HTB Swag Store, we will introduce a “Legacy Line” for those who will always want to remember that first HTB logo and the good old days. Stay tuned!

Hack The Box Team