Hack The Box @ NahamCon

12 Mar 2021

We are very excited to take part in NahamCon 2021 as main partners!

NahamCon is a two-day virtual hacking conference that includes awesome talks, villages, workshops, and a CTF hosted by NahamSec, The Cyber Mentor, and John Hammond

NahamCon 2021 CTF: Save the dates!
Friday, 12 March 12:00 pm PT — Sunday, 14 March 12:00 pm PT

Are you ready to hack awesome HTB challenges at NahamCon? We will provide 3 HTB Academy Modules and 2 Web Challenges. ALL BEGINNER LEVEL! Get a preview of the content:

HTB Academy Modules
Linux Fundamentals
This module covers the fundamentals required to work comfortably with the Linux operating system and shell, find it here.
Difficulty: Beginner

Introduction to Web Applications
In the “Introduction to Web Applications” module, you will learn all of the basics of how web applications work and begin to look at them from an information security perspective, find it here
Difficulty: Beginner

Attacking Web Applications with Ffuf
This module covers the fundamental enumeration skills of web fuzzing and directory bruteforcing using the Ffuf tool. The techniques learned in this module will help us in locating hidden pages, directories, and parameters when targeting web applications, find it here
Difficulty: Beginner

Web Challenges
True love is tough, and even harder to find. This is why we made LoveTok, the brand new service that accurately predicts the threshold of milliseconds when love will come knockin' (at your door). Come and check it out, but don't try to cheat love because love cheats back, find it here.
Difficulty: Easy

Weather App
This weather application is notorious for trapping the souls of ambitious weathermen like me. Please defeat the evil bruxa that's operating this website and set me free! Find it here.
Difficulty: Easy

But that’s not all... We will be waiting for you at the dedicated Hack The Box Discord Village in NahamSec Server!

HTB Talks: 9:00 am PT on March 14th

  • 9:00 am PT - 9:30 am PT

Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2021 with r0adrunn3r
Our Community Manager, CTF Coordinator, and #HackerAtHeart will be there to tell you ALL ABOUT the CTF of the year. Prizes worth £11,500! Make sure to join! 

  • 10:00 am PT - 11:00 am PT

HTB Talk Time: Chat with makelaris on “Web Exploitation” 
Our CTF, Challenges and Weekly Releases Coordinator, Content Engineer, CTF Player, and Web Lover will answer any questions about Web Hacking and help you unleash your inner exploiter. Also, if you participated in the NahamCon CTF, he will give you insights on the HTB Challenges you solved!

  • 11:00 am PT - 12:00 pm PT

1 Hour Giveaway - Let’s chat about HTB Academy
Leave your comment on which is your favorite module and give us ideas on what to create next. Two winners will receive 500 HTB Academy Cubes (worth £39).

  • 12:00 am PT - 13:00 pm PT

1 Hour Giveaway - Name your favorite HTB Box
Share your favorite HTB Box and why. Two winners will receive Annual VIP+ (worth £150).

Ready for NahamCon2021? We are waiting for you!

Keep on Hacking! Keep on Rocking!
Hack The Box Team