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21 Oct 2020

Hack The Box New Hacking Fortress by Context

Following Jet and Akerva Fortress Labs on the Hack The Box platform, we are excited to present today a brand new Fortress by Context (part of Accenture Security).

The Fortress, created by Context, combines a series of capture the flag (CTF) challenges, anchored around the scenario of an online business that has some severe security vulnerabilities within its IT systems. The goal is to identify and exploit these weaknesses in order to gain access to sensitive information and eventually, take full control of their system. This can be achieved by taking advantage of insecure practices from the development team, poor handling of sensitive information, and disgruntled employees intentionally sabotaging security. To conquer the Fortress, participants will need a good understanding of:

  • Web Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Code Review
  • Windows Active Directory

"Having had a close partnership since Hack The Box was launched in 2017, we have used the platform as a key resource to train our own team over the past three years, and we were keen to give something back," said Josiah Beverton, Security Delivery Consultant at Context. "In building this Fortress we have drawn on the experiences of our penetration testers in real-life engagements to mirror accurate scenarios. This allows people to hone their security skills and hopefully inspire and encourage new members of the Hack The Box community to consider a career in the field."

Are you ready? Conquering this Lab will be a great opportunity to stand-out and test your abilities, while also picking up some new skills that can be applied to real-life scenarios.

Enjoy the hacking!

Hack The Box Team

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